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Galerie en ligne/Online gallery/mailing list  www.coagallery.com/artist/sandra-chevrier


INFOMAN JEUDI LE 24 AVRIL 19H30 à Radio-Canada

MONTRÉAL Ouverture officielle  de la Galerie C.O.A à Montréal le 31 mai 2014 de 15h a 20h au 6405 Blvd.Saint-Laurent Montréal Qc.

Pour information ou RSVP This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Official opening go the Galerie C.O.A in Montreal on may 31st from 15-20h at 6404 Blvd Saint-Laurent Montréal, Qc.

SAN FRANCISCO.Ca Mirus Gallery SOLO SHOW A FRACTURED GAZE April 2014, opening night april 5th/18h-21h  till may 6th. 540 Howard St. SF

LONG BEACH. CA Phone booth gallery group show 6X6 opening reception april 5 2014

LOS ANGELES G1988 west 10th anniversary group show. Opening night April 10th

MONTREAL Behind closed doors collective and charitable Art project with 22 Montreal based artists From may 8th to may 31st. http://behind-closed-doors.ca

PARIS Encan maison Christophe Joron-Derem 23 juin 2014

NORWAY Reed Project gallery Solo Show at SKUR 2  during NuArt Festival from september 1st to september 22 2014 Opening night september 4th

BERLIN Project M Museum of Urban Art opening in 2015 curated by Yasha Young http://www.urban-nation.net/

NEW YORK Mecka Gallery group show  opening night  july 17 2014

LONDON Gallery RookandRaven group show Contemporary Deliquency, june 2014

LOS ANGELES Project Gallery October 2014

SAN FRANCISCO Hashimoto Gallery/Thinkspace Gallery opening night oct. 31st

COPENHAGEN/DENMARK Oxholm gallery SOLO show febuary 2015

TOKYO july 2015 information to come